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"Kestrel Technology" wished the country's twenty-fourth intervertebral foramen chilled corpse training course successfully completed

Read: Time:2019-07-18

On July 13th, 2019, Prof. He Mingwei from Capital Medical University and Professor Ma Wenting from Tianjin Medical University, Dr. Zhang Liang's team, Kestrel Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "24th National Intervertebral Mirrors" The class was held at the Whirlpool Training Base.


The training was taught by Professor He Mingwei of the Capital Medical University and Professor Ma Wenting of Tianjin Medical University. Dr. Zhang Liang served as a teaching and guiding expert.

The training takes the form of special course lectures, specimen training and live pig training. In summarizing the experience of the previous 23-year lumbar puncture catheterization, the professor proposed a more convenient method of puncture catheterization for the first time. This method abandons the TOM needle technology that is difficult for beginners to master and time-consuming, and abandons the shortcomings of the first-order bone drill and the ring saw bone molding process, which fully combines the advantages of the ring saw and the bone drill, and greatly shortens the arrangement. Tube time makes it easier for beginners to accurately position the catheter.


Professor He Mingwei and Professor Ma Wenting demonstrated the use of puncture positioning, bone drill and ring saw, the standardized use of intervertebral foramen and the correct application of the matching surgical equipment. During the period, each student under the guidance of a number of experts, practice, puncture, catheterization, escrow, ablation and coagulation exercises. Really feel the essence of the hole mirror technology.



                                        Lecturers and students use our equipment for specimens and live pigs


This practical operation is a 1.71MHz RF-level ablation surgical device and a high-frequency endoscopic lumbar spine electrode independently developed by our company. It completes a full-scale coagulation ablation under the intervertebral foramen. It is widely used in pain, spine surgery, orthopedics. Department of Neurosurgery.