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Why can the RF grade high frequency electrosurgical be used under the endoscope?

Read: Time:2019-07-16

  The working principle of the RF grade high frequency electrosurgical is the electromagnetic wave with high output frequency of the working end of

the high frequency endoscopic surgical electrode (for example, the frequency of the output of the RFS-4000KD device of Kestrel is 1.71MHz), which

is concentrated in a small region, because the cells contain a lot of water molecules (water molecules are polar molecules, affected by the

electromagnetic field), under the action of this local high-frequency electromagnetic field, the water molecules oscillate rapidly and rub against each other, causing the water in the cells to evaporate, vaporize, and organize. It is dry and shrunk to cause aseptic necrosis, thereby achieving

the purpose of ablation.

  The endoscope needs to wash the lens with saline to ensure the clarity of the endoscope. The physiological saline is a sodium chloride solution containing sodium ions and chloride ions and is a conductive solution. When the high-frequency endoscopic surgical electrode is operated under the endoscope, the working end of the electrode has two poles, and the self-contained closed circuit can work in a liquid environment and ensure the safety.