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Kestrel Technology participates in the 16th Medical Beauty Conference

Read: Time:2019-07-10

The 16th Chinese Medical Association's 16th Medical Aesthetics Conference and the 3rd Medical Aesthetic Equipment and Materials Expo, hosted by the Chinese Medical Association's Medical Aesthetics and Aesthetics Branch, will be held on May 10th and 12th, 2019. Registration) was held in Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center.

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 The conference will be from micro plastic surgery, fat transplantation, complex nose plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, breast plastic surgery, laser beauty, skin beauty and health management, hair beauty and health management, oral beauty, injection beauty, private plastic surgery, eye plastic surgery. Academic presentations, discussions and on-site operations in beauty, fine-graining, stem cells and beauty, development and application of new technologies, common complications and risk prevention.

Kestrel Technology has been paying attention to minimally invasive technology. In recent years, it has found that radio frequency technology has made outstanding achievements in cosmetic dermatology, especially dermatology, ophthalmic soft tissue cutting, and can replace the operation of scalpel with radio frequency, and it is more delicate and minimally invasive. Safety has changed people's concepts about surgery.

Kaizhuo Technology has always adhered to China's independent research and development, independent brands, self-production and sales, and demonstrated the products independently developed by our company during the 16th Medical Beauty Conference. Obtained the attention and recognition of plastic surgeons.